Friday, October 29, 2010

happy halloween!!

i am very excited for halloween this year!!! usually, i kind of hate it. its one of those holidays where there is so much pressure (like new years) and everyone has high expectations- its just an overall pain!!

however, my bff from college, lory is coming into town and we have lots of parties!!

(us 2 years ago- i was a devil for about three years)

we are also going to the arizona/ucla game!!!! very excited for that! (not so excited to go to the game at 830am, but super excited for mimosas)!!

(pam, me, wilbur wildcat, and des at last year's ua tailgate!)

and last, but certainly not least, a preview of my costume. happy halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

thursday product review: mascara!!!

i have an obsession with curling my eyelashes. yes, it is true. lately, it has gotten better. however, in hs, i once ripped out a chunk of eyelashes with my curler!! (not a cute look, let me tell you) AND it takes about 6 months for them to grow back (who knew?) anywho, i am constantly on a mascara hunt!

my go- to has always been lancome difinicils. (thanks mom for the expensive habit!)
it makes your lashes extremely long and is just a GREAT mascara. a little pricey, but great.

also, a great (and cheaper) mascara for length is Maybelline Lash Stiletto. i swear it is almost as good as the lacome version. for $7, you must try it!!!

as you can see, i am always up for trying new mascaras (i am a marketers DREAM). so, recently i bought maybelline colossal volume. LOVE it. this is for more of a dramtic and thick look. and for $5, i have added it to my mascara collection.

and finally, there is always the fake lashes option, as seen below at my birthday circa 2008.

xoxo, e

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

nectar of the gods

lately, i have been trying to not eat as much yogurt, as i know it is empty calories (sad face) and i have a bridesmaids dress to not only fit into, but look good in as well.
however, last thursday night, after imbibing 3 beers, which is 3 more than i have imbibed in 3 years, i made my accomplices drive me to yogurtland at 1045 (15 mins before it closed, thank g-d). not such a good decision in the morning, but a good decision at the time (you know how that goes....)

below is the yogurt masterpiece. mmmm sooo good. my tummy hurts just looking at it!!

forever 21 LOVE

i have an obsession with forever 21. the prices are beyond fab and most (keyword MOST) of the stuff i buy there actually lasts. i have told myself lately that i am not allowed to go in there anymore!! it isnt like the clothes are free, right? if you want to find me at lunch- time during the week, i am either eating at my desk or at forever! anyway, below are some of the items that i recently scored.

got this trench- until i get my burberry trench ;)

i actually wanted the shirt version of this during the summer, but never got it and then they ran out. when i saw the dress version i had to get it!!

got these, because i knew the cargo-pant trend wouldnt last and didnt want to spend a lot. super cute and for 22.80, you really cant go wrong

 i looovveeee bows (my wedding dress with have at least one bow and lots of ruffles :) i am not so into headbands, but figure for 1.50, if i wear this once, it will be ok!

xoxo, e

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

keep calm and carry on

i llloooovvvveeeeee the keep calm posters. apparently, i just found out, that Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, to raise the morale of the British public in the case of invasion. It was little known and never used. The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and has been re-issued by a number companies!!

well, i love them!!! the above picture is my favorite! along with the posters below!

also, i am currently in love with a poster i have at my apt. i saw the one below at my friend tammy's house and just HAD TO HAVE IT!!!
it is neighborhood map of LA- and i think it is so cool (it is currently hanging in my living room). for only $22, you can get maps of the following cities from a company called ork!

great lakes
san fran
the heart
the brain

such a cool idea! i want all of them!!
xoxo, e

Monday, October 25, 2010

yelp elite!

sooooo i have exciting news (for me)!
i got asked to be a member of yelp elite 2010!!!

to quote the invite for all of you that dont know, "As a member of the Elite, you'll be invited to attend exclusive parties and events that we throw at yummy local restaurants, bars, shows, galleries and boutiques all over town. As a result, you'll get a chance to experience new places and meet and mingle with other cool yelpers."

since i am opinionated and like to meet new people and go new places, i am so excited!!

check out my yelp profile and be my friend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

happy weekend!!

i get to spend the whole weekend with my beautiful cousin, lauren.

(us in vegas last year)

she is here all the way from ohio and is here for work (ahhh, she is so grown up!)

(lauren, me, and our brothers circa 1994)

have a fab weekend!

xoxo, e

Thursday, October 21, 2010

thursday product review: show it and glow it!

when i was little, i called it pod nailish (instead of nail polish), get it?
anyway, in the past few months, i have had an obsession with changing my nail polish colors. so much so that i routinely hear roomie say "are you painting your nails AGAIN?" why yes, yes i am!

soooo drumroll please for my current fave!! OPI's Show It & Glow It!. After searching high and low and calling around for weeks for OPI's mad as a hatter (from the alice in wonderland collection), i gave up. it was selling for $25 on ebay!! Um, no.

then, i saw an ad for OPI's newest collection for the movie burlesque. this color is so similar, aka, REALLY SPARKLY. I am in love!

also a current fave: essie's turquoise & Caicos!

happy painting!!

xoxo, e

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i used to have the same love/hate relationship with spinning that i did with yoga. i thought both were BBBOOOORRRRIINNNGGGG...

until i found kinetic.

first of all, the kinetic studio is beautiful!!
the bikes are brand new and you get a really smooth ride- they just feel expensive.

and the music? OMG. where do i start??
there is a big screen tv that plays the music video of the music while you are riding.
can i tell you how non-boring this makes it???
obvs, the music varies depending on who teaches the class and their preference in music, but it is usually AWESOME!!!
80's- check. madonna- check. justin timberlake/beyonce video- check.
love it. love it. love it!!!!

take space's class- pronounced. spa-se. DO IT!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

workout week continues....

All of my friends know that I am a sucker for trendy and expensive workouts. That said, YogaHop takes the cake for amazing workouts.

I have done yoga for years, and although it is supposed to be relaxing, in other yoga classes I always found myself checking my watch wondering "is this over yet?" not good for my supposed "zen" state.  

YogaHop classes are all lead with hip hop in the background which is so awesome. Not to mention the amazing workout you get in a single class.

The front desk girls are all business all the time, but then again, i don't go there to make friends with the girls who work there.

Matthew and Courtney's classes are GREAT and they will even give you a little massage at the end of the class (must be a little gross for them, because after an hour and a half of this class, i am dripping with sweat.)

If you live on the west side and like yoga, you NEED to come to YogaHop! BEST NON-BORING-YOGA-WORK-OUT-EVER!

Monday, October 18, 2010

its workout week!!

i will admit that i go through stages with working out. currently, i am on a kick! there are so many good places on the west-side!!

one of my faves is pure barre!

first of all, pure barre is an amazing workout.  it is a ballet-barre inspired workout and tones all of the places that most women need toning.

the class starts with abs, then goes to arms (killer), legs, butt, and back to abs. after 55 minutes of exercises that dont look that "hard," i am dripping with sweat and DYING.

when i dont go for a few weeks, i literally cannot walk the next day. i have been going for a about a year now and continue to love it (not to mention that is about a block away from my apt).

all of the teachers are really great, the owner marni is so nice, and the music is fun and upbeat!!

if you are in brentwood and want a new workout, definitely try a class! pure barre is located in many cities, so check out the website and see if there is a location in your area! (if you go enough, you will look like the girls below - i wish!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

my name is not original :(

tucson hebrew academy is having a yoga and yogurt event!! i should have thought of that!! such a good idea, i would TOTALLY go!

i never win anything...

but i won a blogger award!! my friend jordan at queen of la (check it out- love her!) awarded me with 3 blog awards!! (see below!) i havent been blogging too long, but have been having so much fun!!

apparently, there are 4 rules of acceptance of this award :

1- thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2- share 7 things about yourself
3- pass this on to 15 other bloggers you have discovered
4- contact the recipients and tell them about their award!

as much as i LOVE talking about myself (not), i will share 7 things:

1- i kind of freak out when i have a lot to watch on my tivo. it stresses me out!! although i like everything i tivo, it sometimes becomes a "chore" to watch everything. and love deleting the show when i am done! (watch out, roomie!! j/k)

2- i make my bed EVERY DAY. dont know if my mother taught me well or it just stresses me out to come home to a bed that isnt made. ahhh get away from me if you have any clutter!!!!

3- i was 4 pounds when i was born! but look, i survived!!!

4- i dont like capital letters (this is probably clear). i do not like the "e" in my name to be capitalized- it looks ugly. capital letters are stupid. dont even get me started about cursive.

5- i love looking at wedding pictures and wedding dresses. i will look at anyone's pictures- doesnt matter if its a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend- i will look! i love them!!

6- i love bargain shopping (probably get that fab quality from my mother). i love f21, target, h&m, and tj maxx. i kind of cut myself off from forever 21- even though it's cheap doesnt mean it is free, right? right??

7- when i say i am from bakersfield, dont make a comment. what does "you dont look like you're from bakersfield even mean?" ok, i know what it means, but its soooo annoying (another thing i say often).

ok and my favorite blogs, which encouraged me to start my own, are:

brunch at saks
9 to 5 chic
fit chick in the city
love maegan
the cheap chicas guide to style
the chole conspiracy
beauty junkie in sf
spice and sass
the love list
legally fabulous
the dishy decorator
couture & crayons
coco + kelley
simply seductive

thanks again, queen!!

xoxo, e

Thursday, October 14, 2010

thursday product review: 3 great products

1- ok, so i know everyone is talking about moroccan oil. it deserves the hype! it is awesome!!!
yes, $30 is a lot for 3.4 oz, but i dont care- it makes your hair so soft!
you know the phrase "a little dab will do ya?" ok, well this is true.
you only need to use a TINY amount- it will last a long time.
tip: if your hair is fine (like mine), use the moroccan oil light.

2- recently, at a trip to dry bar before a wedding, i was introduced to the moroccan oil hair spray!
i bought it on the spot.
ok, so i havent used hair spray in years, and i kind of hate it. however, i needed my hair to stay in place for the wedding.
the hair spray has the same great, mild smell and great, flexible hold.
beware to over-do it, because my hair was kinda nasty the next day, but that was my fault.

3- last, but not least, my friend introduced me to laughing lily.
it is a family- run baby blanket business featuring blankets, bibs, lovies and burp cloths in the softest and coziest minky material- look how happy baby evan is!!
OMG so soft!!!! if you have a baby gift to buy, these blankets are awesome!!!
check out the promo codes here!
i know where i will go for my next baby gift (umm how cozy does he look??!!)

xoxo, e

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what's your number?

i met someone recently who introduced me to numerology.

first, let me give you a little background on myself.

i tend to be the skeptical, glass half empty type. i think a lot of things are BS, however, i do like reading my horoscope and love when it is right on. that said, let me continue.

basically i found out that every birth-day is associated with a number and that day/number says a lot about you.

in order to find your number, you add up your birthdate. in my case, i would add, 3 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 (March 3, 1983). this number adds to 27. I then add the 2 and 7, which means my number is 9. below are what 2 different sources say about my number. some of the info is right on and some is a stretch. either way, its kinda interesting.

9- You are the philanthropist, humanitarian, socially conscious, and are deeply concerned about the state of the world- Numerology site.

More-You have great compassion and idealism. You are a utopian, and will spend your life trying to realize some aspect of your utopian dream, sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world. It is in giving that you will find much satisfaction. You have a broad outlook on life. You tend to see the big picture, rather than the minute details.

More info about my number.
(use these sites to find your own number!)

The book below is a famous book on numerology and there is a decent sized exerpt online!
The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose

what do you think? interesting? or total BS?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

its chelsea (handler), that is!

my la friends know about my love- hate relationship for my nail salon- zumani. read yelp post here.
last week, i decided to get my nails done and i was about to go somewhere else a little further away in brentwood, but then, at the last minute, i decided to suck it up and go to zumani.

i actually had a decent zumani experience,  but that is not the point of the story.

i was just sitting my chair, minding my own biz, when i look over and GUESS WHO IT IS?
i was sooo excited!!! apparently she goes to zumani all the time and just bought a house in bwood- who knew? There she is below, getting her toes did just like me! (yes, i took a stalker picture and no, she didnt hear the flash!)

she is just so entertaining and normal-seeming!! i have read Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, and i want to read her other books, but just havent had time to read the rest!! i have had My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands on my bookshelf ready to read (thanks amanda!) and it will be the next non-school book i read for sure!

if anyone knows if she is really dating 50 cent, please let me know!

ps- chelsea has a new show! check it out!!

xoxo, e