Wednesday, October 27, 2010

forever 21 LOVE

i have an obsession with forever 21. the prices are beyond fab and most (keyword MOST) of the stuff i buy there actually lasts. i have told myself lately that i am not allowed to go in there anymore!! it isnt like the clothes are free, right? if you want to find me at lunch- time during the week, i am either eating at my desk or at forever! anyway, below are some of the items that i recently scored.

got this trench- until i get my burberry trench ;)

i actually wanted the shirt version of this during the summer, but never got it and then they ran out. when i saw the dress version i had to get it!!

got these, because i knew the cargo-pant trend wouldnt last and didnt want to spend a lot. super cute and for 22.80, you really cant go wrong

 i looovveeee bows (my wedding dress with have at least one bow and lots of ruffles :) i am not so into headbands, but figure for 1.50, if i wear this once, it will be ok!

xoxo, e

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