Tuesday, October 12, 2010

its chelsea (handler), that is!

my la friends know about my love- hate relationship for my nail salon- zumani. read yelp post here.
last week, i decided to get my nails done and i was about to go somewhere else a little further away in brentwood, but then, at the last minute, i decided to suck it up and go to zumani.

i actually had a decent zumani experience,  but that is not the point of the story.

i was just sitting my chair, minding my own biz, when i look over and GUESS WHO IT IS?
i was sooo excited!!! apparently she goes to zumani all the time and just bought a house in bwood- who knew? There she is below, getting her toes did just like me! (yes, i took a stalker picture and no, she didnt hear the flash!)

she is just so entertaining and normal-seeming!! i have read Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, and i want to read her other books, but just havent had time to read the rest!! i have had My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands on my bookshelf ready to read (thanks amanda!) and it will be the next non-school book i read for sure!

if anyone knows if she is really dating 50 cent, please let me know!

ps- chelsea has a new show! check it out!!

xoxo, e


katmcd said...

I love Chelsea Handler. She is the reason I stay up late. So excited for you!

rachel said...

OHHH My GOOD GOD!!! I saw you post this on FB. I freaking love Chelsea --- follow her show and comedy religiously. That rocks you saw her at this place you frequent.

I love your blog also -- really neat ;)



Jordan said...

i nominated you for a blog award! arent you a lucky new blogger :) go check it out on my blog!