Tuesday, October 5, 2010

who doesn't love tiffany blue?

lately, i have been really into decorating and how i can make small, low cost changes in my apt. below is a boring ikea dresser that i painted and a side table that i made to match. i bought cute knobs at anthro (all on sale for 2.99) and my furniture went from eh to fab (in my opinion) in less than a day. so fun and so easy!

to do:

1- take a piece of old (or drab) furniture
2- pick a fun color to paint
3- gently sand the furniture (i did a really cursory job)
4- paint!
5- let dry a couple hours
6- paint another coat
7- then TRY and not put anything on it for 21 days (i didn't wait this long- hence the towels on the furniture)

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