Monday, October 11, 2010

lulu obsessed

i will admit i have an addiction.
i am addicted to lululemon and fully aware of my problem.
i love the clothes, i love the free yoga and workout classes, and i just love the general atmosphere at the store.
it makes me happy.

let's start with the clothes. yes, they are not cheap (but they do have good sales), and oh-my-god, they are life changing. a friend of mine once told me that the pants make her feel so skinny, that when she puts them on before the gym, she no longer feels like she has to try so hard at the gym!

(pic of me in the best pants ever at one of lulu's classes at the beach!)

the free classes are also amazing (who doesn't love a free class?)  i have taken yoga classes, gone to running clubs, and been introduced to many different classes that I would not have tried unless they were free at lulu (indo-row, anyone)? below is a picture of one of their classes this summer put on at the w hotel in westwood. i think i was seriously depressed when summer ended because I knew i would have to wait until next summer for the outside classes with lulu at the pool in westwood.

also, who doesnt love the reusable bags they give out with every purchase? i use it as my lunch bag every day, and the inspirational quotes on the bags? whats not to like?

for more of my personal opinion about lululemon, feel free to check out my yelp review!

ps- thank you mr. christopher columbus for allowing me to have this lovely day off!! much appreciated. happy monday!

xoxo, e

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