Thursday, October 14, 2010

thursday product review: 3 great products

1- ok, so i know everyone is talking about moroccan oil. it deserves the hype! it is awesome!!!
yes, $30 is a lot for 3.4 oz, but i dont care- it makes your hair so soft!
you know the phrase "a little dab will do ya?" ok, well this is true.
you only need to use a TINY amount- it will last a long time.
tip: if your hair is fine (like mine), use the moroccan oil light.

2- recently, at a trip to dry bar before a wedding, i was introduced to the moroccan oil hair spray!
i bought it on the spot.
ok, so i havent used hair spray in years, and i kind of hate it. however, i needed my hair to stay in place for the wedding.
the hair spray has the same great, mild smell and great, flexible hold.
beware to over-do it, because my hair was kinda nasty the next day, but that was my fault.

3- last, but not least, my friend introduced me to laughing lily.
it is a family- run baby blanket business featuring blankets, bibs, lovies and burp cloths in the softest and coziest minky material- look how happy baby evan is!!
OMG so soft!!!! if you have a baby gift to buy, these blankets are awesome!!!
check out the promo codes here!
i know where i will go for my next baby gift (umm how cozy does he look??!!)

xoxo, e

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Desiree said...

I second that Moroccan Oil review- it is the best! I will also mention that Kiehls has an argan oil product that is great and I believe about the same price for a bottle 5 times (at least) bigger and is great for your skin and your hair. Check it out!