Wednesday, October 6, 2010

thursday product review: boscia luminizing black mask

this product has changed my life- seriously. it's amazing. you put it on until your face is completely black (see picture), put an even amount on your entire face, and wait until it is dry enough to peel off. you will peel off every impurity and blackhead.

see, i told you it was incredible!! not to mention, really fun to see what peels off (kinda gross, i know). anyway, i have been doing it 2x a week for the past couple of weeks and i swear my face is cleaner and brighter! you can buy it online at the boscia skincare site (if you sign up on their site, you will get free shipping), or sephora (which was sold out for awhile). it is $34, which is definitely pricey, but WORTH IT, i swear!

run, do not walk, and buy this product!!

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agentkabuki said...

I've wanted to try this product for the longest time. Thanks for buying it first and trying it out. Now I know how to spend my dough correctly for a perfect face. How can I get your blue eyes though?