Thursday, October 21, 2010

thursday product review: show it and glow it!

when i was little, i called it pod nailish (instead of nail polish), get it?
anyway, in the past few months, i have had an obsession with changing my nail polish colors. so much so that i routinely hear roomie say "are you painting your nails AGAIN?" why yes, yes i am!

soooo drumroll please for my current fave!! OPI's Show It & Glow It!. After searching high and low and calling around for weeks for OPI's mad as a hatter (from the alice in wonderland collection), i gave up. it was selling for $25 on ebay!! Um, no.

then, i saw an ad for OPI's newest collection for the movie burlesque. this color is so similar, aka, REALLY SPARKLY. I am in love!

also a current fave: essie's turquoise & Caicos!

happy painting!!

xoxo, e

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