Friday, October 8, 2010

what are you manifesting?

(yes that is me in the white doing a different pose than everyone else)

about two weeks ago, i went to the most amazing yoga workshop at yogaco in santa monica, led by one of the most inspirational yoga instructors i have met- jennifer pastiloff. the event was a 3-hour vinyasa workshop and meditation designed specifically to help release whatever you may be holding back in your life and bring you closer to what you want to be manifesting.

i was even able to do a handstand (with some help of course), but all participants were really able to go at their own pace. there even was food and wine after! now, if you know me, this is not something that i would normally do. it was nice to get out of my comfort zone and do something different for once, and i was even able to go out after with a bigger heart and freer mind (maybe if i write it, it will be more true=) . there were about 70 people in the workshop and it was nice to have a finite amount of time that was just for me in a room with others who were there for the same purpose. although i have a long way to go, this workshop was a start.

if you are interested, jennifer is leading 3 more manifestation workshops in the very near future!

dhyana yoga in philly on sat oct 23
liberation yoga in LA on sat nov 6
yogaco in LA on sat jan 8

jennifer is awesome and can be reached at

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Anonymous said...

Came across your blog. Thank you so much. I took the workshop in January in Santa Monica. She rocked it!!! Moved me and that is coming from a person who is hardly moved.