Tuesday, October 19, 2010

workout week continues....

All of my friends know that I am a sucker for trendy and expensive workouts. That said, YogaHop takes the cake for amazing workouts.

I have done yoga for years, and although it is supposed to be relaxing, in other yoga classes I always found myself checking my watch wondering "is this over yet?" not good for my supposed "zen" state.  

YogaHop classes are all lead with hip hop in the background which is so awesome. Not to mention the amazing workout you get in a single class.

The front desk girls are all business all the time, but then again, i don't go there to make friends with the girls who work there.

Matthew and Courtney's classes are GREAT and they will even give you a little massage at the end of the class (must be a little gross for them, because after an hour and a half of this class, i am dripping with sweat.)

If you live on the west side and like yoga, you NEED to come to YogaHop! BEST NON-BORING-YOGA-WORK-OUT-EVER!

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Marni said...

Your blog is so much fun! And I don't think I realized until today just exactly how much you love yoga. Um, enough to dedicate a blog to it! I recently discovered yoga and have been going every week ever since. :)