Tuesday, November 30, 2010

celebrity crush

i have a not-so-secret celeb crush.
his name is mark- feuerstein that is.
i know, he's married with three kids (one of their names is cisco) really mark?? really? cisco???
look at that face!!! doesnt he just make you happy?
i first discovered him in the movie "in her shoes," where he plays a sensitive and nerdy (but hot) attorney. this weekened, i was wanting some mark in my life, so i looked on tv to see if "in her shoes" was on demand. it was. this discovery made my day!

since all of my friends know about my love, someone got me a mark feurerstein bobble head doll. it sits on my desk and makes me so happy (mark is the one with the briefcase, as he plays a dr. on another show i love, royal pains). i know i wouldnt watch it unless mark was on it, because the show isnt even that good, i just love him so.

since he's already taken, i guess i will just have to find my own jewish, nerdy (but cool), prince.

ps- i will leave you with one more pic for your viewing pleasure (oh hello marky!!):

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