Wednesday, November 10, 2010

milkshake for dinner

i dont know what has been with my dinners recently. monday night, desiree brought over ben and jerrys new york chocolate chunk ice cream. HIYM (heaven in your mouth)- thanks pam for that gem of a term =)! it is just so amazing- this is why i dont buy ice cream. amanda and i are going to have to fight for the last bit of it! desiree insisted that she leave the brie AND leftover ice cream. just what we (I) need. case in point why i cant have it around!

it gets worse, or maybe better depending on your opinion,

then last night i had a milkshake for dinner. no kidding. it was AMAZING, let me tell you.
i wasnt too hungry before class, so i stopped in at coffee bean in the student union, and then saw the carls jr. sign. omg the orea cookie shake- it was calling my name. so i went for it. and i didnt even feel fat after. all my friends/family are probably thinking that this is very weird for me and my current jenny craig diet, but whatever, im branching out.

maybe ill have a burger tonight. hmm. prob not.

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