Tuesday, November 9, 2010

physique 57

in my continuous search for new, different, and hard workouts, i recently found one of the best!
it is called physique 57, located in beverly hills, and is supposedly how kelly ripa got her toned body (she probably also doesnt eat, but that's just a small detail).

it is basically like the bar method or pure barre, but on crack. there were actually men in the class! it was really fast paced, with 2 different instructors yelling out the moves and coming by to check form. it was non-stop- absolutely not one moment for boredom. the hour (oops, 57 minutes), starts with a weight workout, in which i was in sweating in no time, and then continues to the bar.

i was sore later on that day (and THOUGHT i was pretty in-shape). it is now 2 days later and i am still sore (proof of an awesome workout.) if you live in ny or la, you should try it!!

ps- they give you a free tape measure so you can track how much your body has changed= fab!

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