Thursday, November 11, 2010

thursday product review: anti-aging creme

i know, im only 27, but a girl's got to start her anti-aging regimen early, right?
well, i needed a new moisturizer and figured, what the hell, some anti- aging stuff wont hurt.
so, i went into cvs and got really confused in the lotion/moisturizer/anti-aging aisle.

why are there so many options??

i dont remember why i picked what i picked, but im sure i had seen it somewhere/ it was decently priced, (not spending $50 on loreal at cvs when i can spend that on lancome). soooo drum roll please...... i really love my l'oreal collagen moisture filler!

my first test of any product is the smell. this smells really good and fresh. it also has sunscreen, which is a must for white gals such as myself. and i think it works. well, i really dont know, but it makes me feel good.

(these guys are cute, but i dont want to be wrinkly like them!)

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