Thursday, November 18, 2010

thursday product review: the lip scrub and lip slip by sara happ

i have found a miracle product, thanks to my friend lissy!
i was with her this weekend at a wedding, as she told me that i had to try this amazing product!
it is called the lip slip  and the lip scrub by sara happ.
(their website seems to be down, but you can buy them on amazon!)
so, before our late night dallas cheesy fries, we went to her hotel room and went to work on our lips!!!

(mmmm cheesy fries- soo good that they deserved a picture)

it consists of an amazingly yummy lip scrub (you will want to eat it), soo good!!! and an equally yummy lip balm. i swear, my lips felt amazing for days!!!

lissy has the brown sugar flavor, and it was incredibly tasty, but you can also buy: cocoa, creme brulee, vanilla bean, peppermint, almond creme, and cinammon sugar.

(virgin lips)
(sad virgin lips)
(happy and soft lips after the scrub and balm- see what a different it makes?!?!?!)

i want it in every flavor!!! such a great hanukah present/ stocking stuffer! (hint, hint)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure those fries were a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Those lips haven't been virgin since Clinton was President.