Thursday, November 4, 2010

thursday product review: top 10 places to eat in brentwood

since i love my neighborhood so much, i thought i would give a review of my fave brentwood places to eat/drink:

1- new york bagel
this is the place to be in brentwood on sun. morning!!
any egg plate comes with sooooo much food. definitely a good deal for your money. you get the eggs, a side, and a huge bagel!! the bagels are really good as well. personally, i think they are better than noah's down the street.
all in all, really good weekend atmosphere. a down-to-earth coffee shop with a ny vibe and a brentwood feel!

 2- katsuya
BAKED CRAB HAND ROLL. 'nuff said. soo good.
yes, it's over priced, yes the original in studio city is the best, but whatever, the brentwood location is really good.
the seared ahi tuna with crispy onions and the spicy tuna on crispy rice are so freakin' good too.
you gotta go.

3- freshii
in the words of my brother circa 2005- i just made a salad that was pretty bomb at freshii! love it there! and was pleasantly surprised by the non-brentwood prices. for a little more than $6 i got a really big salad with basically all the veggies i like! (and i got at least got 10 extra veggies, which were all included in the price!) this salad would have been double the price if i got it at whole foods across the street, which i do often. well, no more!! i will definitely be back to try the myriad of other food options. the place was clean and the staff was friendly ( a little too friendly for my boring paper-writing mood, but i wont hold that against them). yay for a great new place in brentwood!

4- cabo cantina 
cabo is great- you get what you pay for. great, cheap margs during happy hour, drunk college guys form ucla, and a great place to people watch and watch laker games. their happy is from 4-8! so great. and their greasy bar food is exactly that! nachos= amazing. dont go if you dont want a loud college-y atmosphere, greasy food, and your hair to smell like smoke when you leave. do go there if you dont mind all of the above! just a great, casual, neighborhood spot.

5- brentwood farmers market
love the brentwood farmers market!!!!! it is a sunday ritual for me, yoga at lululemon and then the farmers market! i get sad when i wake up late or i am too busy to go the farmers market! personally, i think the prices are great, and most of the fruit stands have tasters, so i leave the market being full from all the fruit i have eaten! also, there are lots of beautiful flower stands, as well as a lot of cooked food as well (go for the banana and chocolate crepe- so good). i sadly, have never seen a celebrity at the farmers market, but thanks to US Weekly, they are apparently always around!!

6- bandera
2 words. macho salad. bandera and la scala are tied for best salad in la. who doesnt like turkey, goat cheese, and dates all mixed in a salad together? OMG. so good. go now. I crave this salad on a weekly basis-luckily i live in walking distance. it's also a good date place and quite the after-work scene on weeknights.

7- clay pit
I have never met an indian food i didnt like, however, clay pit is the best indian food i have EVER. The typical indian food fare (naan, chicken tikka, etc) is just so good and well prepared. i have never had a bad waiter there, and they almost always have given me extra dessert, or something else from the kitchen to taste.
if you dont want an expensive meal, dont go out to eat in brentwood.
if you want fab indian food- go to clay pit.

8- nagao
Nagao is great for quick, cheap(er) sushi. It's the only sushi place where I get a salad because the Spicy Tuna salad is amazing!! It is huge and great for lunch. A little on the spicier side (duh), but I think the dressing contributes to the spiciness, so next time I am going to ask for it on the side. The rolls are great too. LOVE IT!

9- the brentwood
PERFECT date spot. A tad pricey, but pretty worth it if you want a cozy and fun date  place or to have drinks with friends. You can eat at the bar if you can't get a table or do not have a reservation. Love their chopped salad and their flat iron steak is FAB. Slightly older crowd, which is different for Brentwood, and extremely classy. A definite if you love comfort food in a down-to-earth, but still very LA atmosphere. Tip- park in the dog park parking less than a block away.

10- la scala
La Scala is just A- MA-ZING. I have never had a bad meal there. They really do have the best salad in LA- hands down. Their pasta with meat sauce is great, their chopped salad is great, and half of the time, you are sure to get a low-key celeb citing. A little pricey but is so worth it. Tip: plenty of street parking if you don't want to pay the $2 to park for dinner. 

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