Monday, December 6, 2010

december so far...

this hanukah (and december in general), has been great so far! i love all the holiday parties (ie. excuses to eat, drink, and get together with friends.)

my first night of hanukah consisted a good friend and me getting together to light the hanukah candles,  i got to go on a little vacay this weekend, and cant wait for amanda and my holiday party next week!

i know hanukah is not about the presents, but does make it fun!! actually, i really like giving gifts as much as i like to receive them (i have a christmas present to give, and am going to give it tomorrow because i cant wait!)

to start, i received a timeless gift from the parentals (below). apparently, it is for this hanukah, my bday, and next hanukah.
my brother did and awesome job and got me a gift card from lululemon, where i picked out the below:
 (i had been eyeing this bag for months and it finally went on sale!!)
  (clearly my body in the picture)
and a special someone got me these especially soft and cute booties, which i love and am wearing as i write!:
anyone out there with christmas presents to buy should definitely look into the above! i am in LOVE!!

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