Thursday, December 9, 2010

thursday product review: OPI's gel manicure

along with the ipad, the gel manicure should be one of the greatest inventions of 2010.
it is AMAZING!! it does not chip whatsoever and stays shiny! not that many nail salons provide it, but more and more places are starting to. it runs a little more expensive than a normal mani, but is so worth it, especially if you have a dark color on your nails.

my roommate (aka hand model), has a bluish color on her nails and it has lasted a week and a half already!! yes, you read correctly: week and a half with no chips! This is unheard of! You do see a little growth, but you can't get around that. She says that she gets stopped everyday because her nails are so shiny and perfect and look like they just got done!
the colors that are offered are limited, but i am sure that as popularity grows, more will be added. the popular OPI colors including "im not really a waitress" "big apple red" and "lincoln park after dark" are a few of the colors that are offered. also, you have to soak your nails in acetone to get the "paint" off. the jury is still out about how great that is for your nails/hands, but whatever, my nails look awesome!!!

at this point, you have to have your nails done professionally to use the product, but as soon as i can buy the goods, i am so i can do it myself!! if you live in la, you can get them done at century nails in brentwood for $32 or nail spa lane in santa monica for $25.

i never want a normal mani again!

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Crystal said...

I get Shellac done and it lasts a MONTH on me, can you believe it? And I even found a girl near me (Woodland Hills) that does it for $20. Sadly the color selection is even worse than OPI but I usually just get french since you can't see the growth as much. If you want awesome color selection though, definitely check out Gelish. I'm looking for a salon that has a decent price on it cuz I'm afraid I'll get hooked!