Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thursday product review: want to orgasm?

now that i got your attention, i will tell you about the best bronzer/blush EVER. i have used the orgasm blush for years, but the nars bronzing/blush duo has changed my life. somehow, it looks great on everyone and depending on whether you want more bronze or more blush, you can switch it up! nars also makes a new version (with sparkles!), that i want to try when i am out of mine. also, it is pretty cost effective, because you get both for $39! you can't beat that!!

since i am feeling generous, i will tell you about another product i love. it is the loreal lash boosting serum. i really think it has made my lashes grow. it is a definite drug- store version of latisse. i have been using it for months- i kind of put it on whenever i remember. it is clear and you wipe it right above your lashes and on them. multiple people (including my hair guy), have asked me how my eye lashes are so long. the lash boosting serum takes months to work, but is a great non- latisse (and cheap), alternative!

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