Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i am back!!

happy new year!! i had a great mini vacay!! although i did get stuck in bakersfield and couldnt get back because of the snow!!
below is what i drove through to get back to la- the tundra apparently!

anywho, i made it back and to work by 3pm on monday and everything was fine!

i got to see family, friends, and took some awesome pics (see below my photography skills).

there were many notable parts of the the trip, however, the most notable was definitely the bike trip that we took from the embarcadero over the golden gate bridge to sausalito. we rented bikes from bike and roll (many locations in SF).

this was definitely my idea. all the websites say that biking this route is "easy." do not believe them-they are WRONG. ok, so it was a windy day, which made it harder, but it was sooooo freaking hard!
half of the way was uphill, and i think i am pretty in shape, so i have no idea how other people do it!!!! crazy!!! needless to say, we took the ferry back (instead of biking back), and had a long lunch consisting of alcohol and seafood. YUM!!!

i also shopped a little. got the tights below from targ-get in bako, and the shoes below from this awesome boutique in san fran on union (LOVE the marina) for 50% off! woo hoo!! my mom says they are "a little much," but whatev, i love them.

i would also like to note that i got dressed this morning like normal and realized that my entire outfit was from discount stores! my mom would be SO proud!!

dress from forever, jacket from marshalls, tights from target, and boots from forever. wow i am so good!

ps- my new years resolution is to lose the 10 pounds i have been trying to lose for the last year! check back to see if i did!!!! (this is proof that i am sticking to this plan!!)

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