Thursday, January 27, 2011

thursday product review: physicians formula shimmer strip bronzer

i LOVE this product. i got it free at some event that i only went to because there was a possibility that i would get a gift bag.

when i realized it was physicians formula (a drugstore brand), i could not have been happier.

i mainly use it on my eyes, but i guess it could technically be used on your cheeks, as the color i have is the sunset strip/bronzer color.

i have had the bobbi brown shimmer brick in 2 separate colors for years, which is basically the same product, just tripple the price.

let me tell you- the physicians formula product lasts ALL day, much better than the bobbi brown version(s). when i wear it, i constantly get asked what i am wearing on my eyes.

i sweep it on quickly for the "everyday" look and concentrate on using the dark shades of the shimmer for night time.

for $11, this is a STEAL.

i rarely go through products (i have had some makeup since college), so i know i have a good product on my hands when i go through it in 6 months!

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