Monday, February 28, 2011


if i wasnt already in my late 20s, i am now!!
sad, but true.
and if i could by myself anything for my bday, i would buy myself the following:

however, since i am not about to drop $1200 on a bag or $200 on face cream, i will be quite content with a bday filled with love, family, and friends.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Forever 21 Friday

it is no secret that i love forever!! when my mom told me that they turned an entire department store in bakersfield into a forever 21, i just had to go!!!!

it is sooo overwhelming and all i ended up getting was a tie die scarf (similar one above).
they have a plus size section, a kids section, and a million other sections!!!
my mom and i had to call eachother to find one another!!! it was THAT big!

i will definitely go back everytime i go to bakersfield- the amount of clothes in that store is just too unbelievable to pass up!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

thursday product review: burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream

i have always picked my cuticles, which is gross, i know.
the past few years, i have not been as bad, but still not great.
recently, my friend at work (who also has the same bad habit), introduced me to this cuticle cream!
it is awesome and not greasy at all, which means i can apply it during the day and not worry about typing after or handling paper.
it is great for skin, too. i put it on my cuticles and then kind of rub it into the rest of my hand.
it smells lemon-y and fresh and is a perfect cure to dry hands and cuticles!
best of all, it is cheap ($3 to $4), can be found at any drugstore, and lasts forever!

(sits on my desk with the rest of my products)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new (ish) shoes!

as a result of my closet cleaning i found many things!!!!!
including....drum roll flea market minnetonka moccasins!!!
i love these things and TOTALLY forgot i had them! they are so comfortable and the leather is very worn in.
they were my one and only purchase (for $10 i might add), from the paasadena flea market which is HUGE and very overwhelming!!! find great things when you clean out your closet!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i got bieber fever

(3D glasses on, ready to go!)

and i (we) are proud!!!!
amanda and i saw the preview for the justin bieber movie a few weeks ago and knew we had to see it!!!!
it was soooo good. we highly recommend it.
i could have dealt without the 3D aspect since it was $17.50 (!!!) and most of the movie wasnt even in 3D.
yes, between the moms taking their tween girls and the teenage girls in the theater, amanda and i were a little outnumbered, but it was still GREAT!
perf. president's day outing!

Monday, February 21, 2011

closet makeover!

anyone that knows me know that i am pretty clean.
my desk at work is spotless, i make my bed everyday, and my room is pretty orderly.
my closet wasnt horrible, it just needed some help. and i was forgetting what was in it.
i had been wanting to organize for awhile and get the slimline hangers, but it seemed tedious and time consuming, so i just held off.
i told my friend anna about these hangers and she told me she had bought the same hangers and it was amazing! after i heard this, i was motivated to go for it!!

(closet before= not horrible, but needing help, and i could never keep my shoes organized!)

sooo, i got to work.

i bought 2 packs of 50 slim line hangers at bed bath and beyond,
the real simple shoe and boot organizer, which i LOVE,
the real simple slimline swing arm pant hanger (2 are in the pack),
and the real simple slimline tie hanger for scarves

i love the hangers, but i kept some of my old hangers, because the reviews of the hangers say that if you hang wet clothes on them, the velvet comes off on your clothes.
since i sometimes hang wet clothes on them, i held on to a few.

the pant hangers are a great space-saver, but i dont know how i feel about them yet. if you hang a lot of jeans on them, it is kind of hard to see what is there. sooo, the jury is still out on them.

the tie hanger is great, but i realized i had something similar, so i took it back.

after going through all my clothes, changing out the hangers, and making a give away pile, i was DONE!

isnt my closet beautiful? i just LOVE looking at it.
the shoe and boot organizer is AWESOME because it fits boots, flats and other miscellaneous stuff on the sides, and look how much room i have left!!! before, all the extra space was JAM PACKED!

and look how big my give away pile is!!! im a going to get rid of a lot of stuff that i wasnt wearing and was taking up room!!

happy president's day!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

forever 21 friday

last week, i went to forever (my mecca) and what did i find??? bikinis!!! omg. this is a great find.
i couldnt decide between this one and this one, but i went for the black and white polka dots because

a- i LOVE polka dots and
b- although my bikini with hearts died last summer, i could go for a new look

for less than $20 for top and bottom, you really cant go wrong.

i also went there looking for feather earrings. i have been seeing them everywhere and think they are so cute!
i picked up these and these and decided that for under $5 you really cant go wrong! happy weekend!

ps- do you like my blog title makeover?? stay tuned for more changes!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday product review: john frieda luxurious volume lavish lift root booster

i bought this because my old body spray for my hair was old and (i think), starting to smell strange.

i wouldnt run out and buy this volumizer, but i think it is decent.

it is cheap and i think definitely gives your hair body if you use it on wet hair and then proceed to blow dry.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yelp elite!!

since i have been yelp elite since last year, i get invited to different events around town.
i hadnt been to any until last night since they have always been far away or i have had a conflict.
i went last night for the first time and brought amanda as my date!
the event was at Mom's- a new bar in W. LA. and it was fun!

although we talked to NO ONE, the event was packed, we got free cheese fries and cheese steaks from the south philly truck, and we got some free swag (and i use that term losely)

i would go to another event for the free food, etc., and because i guess you never know who you're gonna meet!

(shot glass, bouncy ball, mints, and bottle opener)

ps- thesis first draft is DONE-ZO. YESS.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cupcake challenge 2011!!

last weeked, britt, talia, and i went to the cupcake challenge!!

so much fun!! i ate way more than last year because i didnt have a dinner reservation after. OH WELL!

my personal fave was the chicken and waffles cupcake from My Delight Cupcakery! OMG. there was a piece of FRIED CHICKEN INSIDE!!!! amazing!!!!

so much fun! i cant wait until next year!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy v day!!

admittedly, not my fave holiday, but Happy V Day!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

iphone for verizon, thoughts?

so sorry my posts have been sporadic! school has been killing me! i am so ready to be done!!

thankfully it is friday!!

sooo....i have been pondering the idea of getting the iphone that recently came out for verizon.  i really dont want to give up BBM- but so many of my friends have iphones now that i definitely dont have as many BBM friends as before.

did anyone get the new iphone for verizon? thoughts on it?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cupcake Challenge!

Brittany and me (and Talia, yay!) are going to the Annual Cupcake Challenge, again this year!!!

So excited! And now we know to come prepared unlike last year: lots of tupperware to take cupcakes home! Technically, you are supposed to vote on the best cupcakes in LA, but I am sure we will do more tasting than voting.

Below are some pics from last year and I will come back with an update next week! Have a great weekend!

(me and britt with the nesquick bunny)

(bacon cupcake, mmm)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday product review: dr. michelle copeland's clay mask

soooo i have recently become obsessed with masks- and do them about once a week. i cycle between a few of them, as some are more expensive than others and they all have different purposes. i will always love the boscia black mask, but i also love my clay mask by dr. michelle copeland!

i friend of mine gave this to me and i love it because:

a- it was developed by a dermatologist/plastic surgeon, so i feel like it is automatically good
b- it goes on smooth and creamy
c- is a really good exfolliant and leaves my skin really soft

i rotate between this mask, the boscia mask, and my drugstore mask. using this method, i seem to never run out!

you can get the mask on or dr. copeland's site!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my next DIY project: I LOVE this

i LOVE this and i recently made it my background on my computer at work.

i think we all (me especially), need to take this to heart.