Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday product review: dr. michelle copeland's clay mask

soooo i have recently become obsessed with masks- and do them about once a week. i cycle between a few of them, as some are more expensive than others and they all have different purposes. i will always love the boscia black mask, but i also love my clay mask by dr. michelle copeland!

i friend of mine gave this to me and i love it because:

a- it was developed by a dermatologist/plastic surgeon, so i feel like it is automatically good
b- it goes on smooth and creamy
c- is a really good exfolliant and leaves my skin really soft

i rotate between this mask, the boscia mask, and my drugstore mask. using this method, i seem to never run out!

you can get the mask on or dr. copeland's site!

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