Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yelp elite!!

since i have been yelp elite since last year, i get invited to different events around town.
i hadnt been to any until last night since they have always been far away or i have had a conflict.
i went last night for the first time and brought amanda as my date!
the event was at Mom's- a new bar in W. LA. and it was fun!

although we talked to NO ONE, the event was packed, we got free cheese fries and cheese steaks from the south philly truck, and we got some free swag (and i use that term losely)

i would go to another event for the free food, etc., and because i guess you never know who you're gonna meet!

(shot glass, bouncy ball, mints, and bottle opener)

ps- thesis first draft is DONE-ZO. YESS.

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Anonymous said...

who did you meet at this one?!