Thursday, March 31, 2011

where i spend 40+ hours a week

i lieu of a product review today (since i haven't gotten anything new since last week), i will post about my little office space since inquiring minds (my mother) want to know!

pretty sure that anyone who knows me could spot my little cube from a mile away with all the bows, polka dots, and mark feurstein bobble head!

there you go! complete with a usc poster, many pics, and a lululemon sticker!!

xoxo, e

Monday, March 28, 2011

bow flats- because i just cant get enough of bows

i LOVE bows- i cant have enough.
so, when i saw these flats on my friend jordan's blog, i just HAD to have them!!
i went right on over to nordstrom this weekend and bought them with a giftcard i had from my bday. i love them!!!

i also may have bought these lovely earrings
this lovely little shirt- looks pretty expensive in my estimation
some bermuda shorts- im trying out the trend, what can i say? (and a really small size fit, which definitely encouraged my purchase)

happy monday! 

xoxo, e

Friday, March 25, 2011

wildcats baby!!!

i was at the game last night and it was AHHMAZING!!

so excited to go or watch tomorrow!!!

(pic from college, since I am currently in college mode)

(jennifer and me at last week's game!)

(at last night's amazing game!)

have a fab weekend!

xoxo, e

Thursday, March 24, 2011

thursday product review: oil of olay age defying daily renewal cream

in my constant quest to find awesome drug store products, i found this one.
i had been waiting to try a new moisturizer until i finished my old one(s) and wanted to try the olay product, since people say that its as good as some really pricey department store products.

well- i love it.
it makes my skin super smooth, and its oil free, which is totally awesome and makes me feel better about having it on my skin for 24 hours.

i have been using it in conjunction with the lancome youth generating serum and so far (its been a week), i am really liking the results.

so, if you want to try a new less-than-$10- moisturizer, you should definitely check this one out!!!!

ps- im going to THE GAME tonight- BEAR DOWN!!!

xoxo, e

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

forever 21 TUESDAY! (mixing it up a little)

last weekend i scored this awesome dress at forever for $12.40. it is half off!!!! OMG.

go buy immediately!! i am wearing it today and it is super comfy!!!!

sorry, the pics are kinda crappy, but you get the idea. i paired it with my denim jacket and it is perfect-o for work!

Friday, March 18, 2011

graduation and latisse...thoughts??!!!

graduation is less than 2 months away!!!!
i ordered my grad announcements last night and it feels so real!!
so excited and READY!!

ps- has anyone used latisse??? i am dying to try it, but want to know if anyone i know has used it! help!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

thursday product review: lancome's genefique youth generating serum

i just started using this product, so i cant really attest to whether it works or not yet, but my mom has been using it for months, and says that it really has improved the overall appearance of her skin.

i will do an update on this in a few months, after i have used it for awhile.

i do like the way it feels on my skin, as you are supposed to put it on under your moisturizer in the morning and at night and it is supposed to tighten and rejuvenate your skin. hmmm. we will see about that!!

tip: to get a 7 day supply (that probably will last way longer), ask about it at a lancome counter and they will give it to you. the serum is $78, so the week's supply i have for free is awesome!!

also, happy st. patty's day!!!! i made these for the office st. patty's day party. not my best work, but they taste good!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dont eat plastic

sunday night i did the dumbest thing EVER
i ate a piece of plastic AND it didnt feel too great on the way down.

how did i manage this one you ask?
well, the plastic was the wrapper stuck to the 40 calorie fudgsicle and when i "ate" it, it felt as though it was stuck in my throat.

so, i went to bed that night with my throat hurting, but was ok.

monday morning, i woke up with my throat still hurting, but didnt think much of it.

until i told brittany, who told her school nurse, who told me that i really should get it checked out.

note to self: dont google things like this- this only served to REALLY scare me about how i could stop breathing, etc.

dr. dad told me that it probably had just irritated my throat, but if it made me feel better, i should go get it looked at. 

so, i told my boss about the "incident" and was on my way to the nearest urgent care.
the doctor at urgent care didnt see anything in my throat, but referred me to an ENT who could look further.

so, i made an appt with the ENT and was on my way there.

i swore to the semi-hot-in-a-smart-way ENT that i have never done anything so dumb, and his reponse: everyone who comes in says that. GREAT.

the ENT put a scope down my throat and we could see on the video what was (and wasnt stuck in there) REALLY COOL, i might add.

turns out, the plastic had gone down and probably just irritated my throat.

2 morals of the story- dont eat plastic and daddy is always right

xoxo, e

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

semi-homemade amazing-ness

i had to get/make a dessert for a friend's get-together, so i decided to go the semi- homemade route a la sandra lee. i am not sure how i got this idea, but i decided to make my own whoopie-pies.

this was quite easy.

i bought chocolate chip cookies at the market and chocolate frosting. mmmmmm

i then heavily frosted one cookie and smushed another cookie on top.

yes, it was as good as it looks!
definitely making this again the next time i need to make a dessert!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

boy or girl?

 the girls in my office have a tradition of putting a gold pendant on a necklace, holding it above a woman's (pregnant) stomach and if the the pendant swings in a circle, the baby is going to be a girl, and if it swings back and forth in a straight line, it is a boy.

apparently, you can play this game if you are not pregnant.

my boss decided to try this on me, and it was pretty amazing. the pendant moved all by itself!!!

on the some of the girls, it swings marginally, but when it was done on me, it swung wildly!!

first, the pendant swung around in an obvious circle. then, it stopped suddenly and swung back and forth!! so, apparently, i am going to have a girl and then a boy!

i have no idea what vibes my un-pregnant tummy was giving off, but it clearly works!

extremely weird!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday product review: neutrogena healthy skin rejuvenator

i love this thing!!!
my mom got herself and me one a few months ago and its GREAT.

now, i have not used the gazilion-times-more expensive clarisonic scrubber, but im gonna go ahead and make the claim that this product just as good.

one disclaimer- when my mom told me that she has to sit down when she uses it because it kind of makes her dizzy, i thought she was crazy.
SHE IS RIGHT- it totally has a dizzying effect.
so, sit down when you use it. i kind of use it like like i brush my teeth- try to focus on each area of my face for about 30 seconds, focusing on the T-Zone.

it comes with extra pads, and it says to only use each pad once, but i let it dry and definitely use each pad a few times before i throw it out.

usually, i do it after a night of beautifying- right after i use my beloved black mask!

is it anti-aging like it says? who knows, but it makes my skin as soft as a baby's tushie

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

busy week

i have been soooo busy! be back soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday product review: opi gel manicure UPDATE!!!!

first of all, its 3/3: better known as MY BDAY! yay.

amanda had the brilliant idea that i should revise the review on the gel manicure.

for starters, the gel manicure post has been my most popular post since i started the blog, with 235 individual page views! wow!!

secondly, it really screws up your nails.
it basically does the same thing to your nails as acrylic nails= makes them really thin and brittle.

yes, it looks great.
yes, it lasts for more than 2 weeks.
but yes, sadly, it seems to be really bad for your nails.

i would maybe do it again if i was going on a long trip where i would let the nails grow out, but i would not recommend it if you are just doing it to replace your normal routine.

in order for the nail lady to get the color off (to put on a new color), she basically has to scrape your nail, which cant be good for the nail.

moral of the story: unless you are going to let the color grow out (probably would take more than a month), stick to normal nail polish until opi makes a better system.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i even surprised myself

last friday i had a break-through of a day.

i went to trader joes at lunch to do a little marketing so i didnt have to during the weekend and when i got to the checkout counter i realized i didnt have my credit card. i did something (or maybe i should say didnt do something), that even surprised myself. I DIDNT FREAK OUT. OMG. THIS IS SO NOT LIKE ME.

i quickly looked for it, then used another credit card. i think i remembered that it was probably at the bar from last night (party foul). this is something that i had never done before. i felt pretty dumb, but i was very distracted when paying my bill at the bar, so figured it had to be there.

when i got in my car, i used my fab yelp app to call the bar, where they promptly found my card.

the day progressed as a normal friday does (ie. slow), and i decided to leave a little early so i could make my 5:15 spinning class. so, i put on my lululemon outfit, and went down to the parking garage to drive home.

then, the unthinkable happened.

my car didnt start. all i wanted to do was sit down and cry DDAAADDDDDDD.
however, i did the unthinkable (2x in one day) and i DIDNT FREAK OUT.
i called AAA and they came in about 20 mins.
(while i was waiting, i called dad, clearly)
AAA came promptly, and an hour later and with $77 less in my wallet, i left the parking garage and was home in time to watch say yes to the dress in HD.

although i missed my spin class, i learned a lot about myself: i no longer need to freak out in situations like these and (gasp), everything still works out!!

moral of the story: i must be growing up!

ps- i retrieved my credit card the next morning and apparently, lots of people leave their credit card at bars, since the bar tender had to go through a stack of cards to get to mine