Monday, March 14, 2011

boy or girl?

 the girls in my office have a tradition of putting a gold pendant on a necklace, holding it above a woman's (pregnant) stomach and if the the pendant swings in a circle, the baby is going to be a girl, and if it swings back and forth in a straight line, it is a boy.

apparently, you can play this game if you are not pregnant.

my boss decided to try this on me, and it was pretty amazing. the pendant moved all by itself!!!

on the some of the girls, it swings marginally, but when it was done on me, it swung wildly!!

first, the pendant swung around in an obvious circle. then, it stopped suddenly and swung back and forth!! so, apparently, i am going to have a girl and then a boy!

i have no idea what vibes my un-pregnant tummy was giving off, but it clearly works!

extremely weird!

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