Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dont eat plastic

sunday night i did the dumbest thing EVER
i ate a piece of plastic AND it didnt feel too great on the way down.

how did i manage this one you ask?
well, the plastic was the wrapper stuck to the 40 calorie fudgsicle and when i "ate" it, it felt as though it was stuck in my throat.

so, i went to bed that night with my throat hurting, but was ok.

monday morning, i woke up with my throat still hurting, but didnt think much of it.

until i told brittany, who told her school nurse, who told me that i really should get it checked out.

note to self: dont google things like this- this only served to REALLY scare me about how i could stop breathing, etc.

dr. dad told me that it probably had just irritated my throat, but if it made me feel better, i should go get it looked at. 

so, i told my boss about the "incident" and was on my way to the nearest urgent care.
the doctor at urgent care didnt see anything in my throat, but referred me to an ENT who could look further.

so, i made an appt with the ENT and was on my way there.

i swore to the semi-hot-in-a-smart-way ENT that i have never done anything so dumb, and his reponse: everyone who comes in says that. GREAT.

the ENT put a scope down my throat and we could see on the video what was (and wasnt stuck in there) REALLY COOL, i might add.

turns out, the plastic had gone down and probably just irritated my throat.

2 morals of the story- dont eat plastic and daddy is always right

xoxo, e

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