Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i even surprised myself

last friday i had a break-through of a day.

i went to trader joes at lunch to do a little marketing so i didnt have to during the weekend and when i got to the checkout counter i realized i didnt have my credit card. i did something (or maybe i should say didnt do something), that even surprised myself. I DIDNT FREAK OUT. OMG. THIS IS SO NOT LIKE ME.

i quickly looked for it, then used another credit card. i think i remembered that it was probably at the bar from last night (party foul). this is something that i had never done before. i felt pretty dumb, but i was very distracted when paying my bill at the bar, so figured it had to be there.

when i got in my car, i used my fab yelp app to call the bar, where they promptly found my card.

the day progressed as a normal friday does (ie. slow), and i decided to leave a little early so i could make my 5:15 spinning class. so, i put on my lululemon outfit, and went down to the parking garage to drive home.

then, the unthinkable happened.

my car didnt start. all i wanted to do was sit down and cry DDAAADDDDDDD.
however, i did the unthinkable (2x in one day) and i DIDNT FREAK OUT.
i called AAA and they came in about 20 mins.
(while i was waiting, i called dad, clearly)
AAA came promptly, and an hour later and with $77 less in my wallet, i left the parking garage and was home in time to watch say yes to the dress in HD.

although i missed my spin class, i learned a lot about myself: i no longer need to freak out in situations like these and (gasp), everything still works out!!

moral of the story: i must be growing up!

ps- i retrieved my credit card the next morning and apparently, lots of people leave their credit card at bars, since the bar tender had to go through a stack of cards to get to mine

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Alyson said...

yay for no freak outs; I hear ya on that. And, PS: SOOOO jealous that you even have a trader joe's to begin with.

thanks for finding me!