Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday product review: opi gel manicure UPDATE!!!!

first of all, its 3/3: better known as MY BDAY! yay.

amanda had the brilliant idea that i should revise the review on the gel manicure.

for starters, the gel manicure post has been my most popular post since i started the blog, with 235 individual page views! wow!!

secondly, it really screws up your nails.
it basically does the same thing to your nails as acrylic nails= makes them really thin and brittle.

yes, it looks great.
yes, it lasts for more than 2 weeks.
but yes, sadly, it seems to be really bad for your nails.

i would maybe do it again if i was going on a long trip where i would let the nails grow out, but i would not recommend it if you are just doing it to replace your normal routine.

in order for the nail lady to get the color off (to put on a new color), she basically has to scrape your nail, which cant be good for the nail.

moral of the story: unless you are going to let the color grow out (probably would take more than a month), stick to normal nail polish until opi makes a better system.

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