Wednesday, April 20, 2011

almost time to graduate

i am almost done with school...yay!!!!
i am in the middle of my thesis and if you could all take this short, less- than- 5- minute survey for my thesis, it would be much appreciated.
thanks in advance!

xoxo, e

Friday, April 15, 2011

new love

i am in looovvvee with my new piece of furniture.
i have used it every morning since i got it.
it folds up against the wall when i am not using it and fits perfectly in the corner of my room.
i love love love it!!!!
thanks mom and dad!!!
happy friday!!!

xoxo, e

Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday product review: kms hairplay makeover spray

i had been searching high and low for a "dry shampoo," since i decided the one i have (drugstore brand), has such a strong scent that it gives me a headache.

anywho, last week my friend walked into class and her hair looked amazing!!! (and it always looks amazing) so i asked her what she does, and she says that she uses this kms dry shampoo in between washings. it is only $15, (cheap for beauty supply store brands), and great!!! it is "unscented," but has a small light fragrance.

so far, i really like it. it doesnt smell a lot, and doesn't make my hair feel more dirty like i feel some of the other comparable products do. i have been trying to wash my hair less, since i decided it is easier to style and looks better with less washings. i used to wash my hair everyday!!! omg. not anymore.

i think this product might have changed my life (at least my hair washing schedule).

xoxo, e

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i finally caved....

and got an iphone!!

what apps should i get?

i already got the nike gps app (for running)

my fitness pal (for keeping my eating on track)

groupon and living social (for all my coupon-needs)

the wall street journal and new york times app (HELLO sunday wedding section!)

yelp- duh

southwest and pandora!

wells fargo and amex- for my banking needs

what else? help me!!! (and give me tips!!)

xoxo, e

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

forever 21 tuesday

ahhhhh forever.
i have had some great jewelry finds there lately.
i wore all my new gold jewelry out on saturday night and got a lot of compliments!

 (gold diamond hoops)

 (gold knotted necklace)

 (gold plain bangles)

xoxo, e

Monday, April 11, 2011

graduation dress shopping

i have been shopping up a storm (at least trying to) to find a dress for my graduation!
i hate shopping for dresses, i would rather shop for anything else, even bikinis (well, maybe not bikinis), but you get the gist. i tried on about 400 dresses this weekend and these were the final "winners." (i blocked out my face because i wasnt exactly smiling when the pics were taken).

 (dress from Cusp)
(dress from zara- cheapest and the one i liked the most!!)
(dress from nordstrom)

stay tuned to see the final decision!!

xoxo, e

Friday, April 8, 2011

thursday product review: amazon kindle

although i usually only review beauty products, i thought i would make an exception for the kindle.
i freakin LOVE this thing.
i was never a huge reader before i got it- i think the fact that it is pretty and sleek, just makes it so easy to love and use. it is also soo easy to read, even in the sun at the beach!!! i have absolutely no problem seeing the screen.
it is so light and i can take it anywhere!! just makes it so easy to take it to coffee bean, to work, or anywhere, since i can throw it in my bag and go.
also, the fact that wi-fi is built in makes it so easy to take anywhere.
for $139, go buy one immediately and you will fall in love!!!

xoxo, e