Friday, April 8, 2011

thursday product review: amazon kindle

although i usually only review beauty products, i thought i would make an exception for the kindle.
i freakin LOVE this thing.
i was never a huge reader before i got it- i think the fact that it is pretty and sleek, just makes it so easy to love and use. it is also soo easy to read, even in the sun at the beach!!! i have absolutely no problem seeing the screen.
it is so light and i can take it anywhere!! just makes it so easy to take it to coffee bean, to work, or anywhere, since i can throw it in my bag and go.
also, the fact that wi-fi is built in makes it so easy to take anywhere.
for $139, go buy one immediately and you will fall in love!!!

xoxo, e

1 comment:

Lory said...

Ahhh I didn't know you had one, I thought about that as a gift for you! They are the best :)