Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday product review: kms hairplay makeover spray

i had been searching high and low for a "dry shampoo," since i decided the one i have (drugstore brand), has such a strong scent that it gives me a headache.

anywho, last week my friend walked into class and her hair looked amazing!!! (and it always looks amazing) so i asked her what she does, and she says that she uses this kms dry shampoo in between washings. it is only $15, (cheap for beauty supply store brands), and great!!! it is "unscented," but has a small light fragrance.

so far, i really like it. it doesnt smell a lot, and doesn't make my hair feel more dirty like i feel some of the other comparable products do. i have been trying to wash my hair less, since i decided it is easier to style and looks better with less washings. i used to wash my hair everyday!!! omg. not anymore.

i think this product might have changed my life (at least my hair washing schedule).

xoxo, e

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