Sunday, May 8, 2011

how to remove wax from jeans

i had a fabulous weekend.
a lot of mom time.
a lot of friend time.
a little work-out time (including cleaning the apt AND the-hardest-workout- ever)
and a little wax-on-jeans (my FAVORITE TARGET JEANS!!!)

(exhibit a)

the waitress was so nice- they even offered to dry to clean my pants for me, but it just seems soo annoying to go back to the restaurant to have them dry cleaned. soooo i did a little googling and found a few home remedies for this that i am going to try. 

1- really hot water
2- freezing the jeans and then picking off the hardened wax
3- ironing it off (a tad risky for me) 

anyone dealt with this before?

stay tuned for the results!!!

xoxo, e

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