Thursday, June 16, 2011

i'm a maxxinista

im back!!!

happy almost friday!

well, obviously, i have been lacking in the posts, but felt my recent AMAZING tj maxx find needed posting, since i need to tell people other than MY ENTIRE OFFICE and my mother about my recent tj maxx find. since my mom has her doctorate in tj maxx shopping, i am obviously en route to getting my masters.  i dont even know if i should be writting about how awesome the tj maxx on 4th street in santa monica is, because i dont need competition!

so, with no further ado, in addition to really cute polka dot wrapping paper and awesome stationary, i got this dress!

retails for $365
currently on sale for $255

but this maxxinista got it for $99!!!
omg! perfect wedding wear!

xoxo, e

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