Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday product review: lancome hypnose drama

damn! this mascara is awesome!!!
i got it in a gift and i LOVE it. L.O.V.E.
it makes your lashes thick and long and amazing!!!!

the only problem is that i find that since i am toward the end of it, there seems to be some pieces coming off my lashes since it is probably a little dry.

also, you have to be careful how many coats you put on, because any more than 2 coats and the mascara tends to come off.
however, in general, you probably should do only one or two coats.

so, if youre looking for a good going out mascara (or everyday if you like big eyes), definitely pick this one up!!!

other great mascaras: lacome definicils, maybelline lash stiletto, or maybelline colossal volume! classic!

xoxo, e

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

to buy or not to buy?

are they worth $120 for steve madden?

but they are really cute!!

xoxo, e

Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday product review: sally hansen nail strips

i decided to take a crack at  the sally hansen salon effects nails strips and because i can paint my nails any color i want, i decided to go with "kitty," the lovely leopard print option.

 (the scene of the crime)

a friend of mine had used them a few months ago and told me they were hard to use, so compared to her experience, i thought it was really easy!!!

the pack comes with 16 nail sticker thingees, but there are probably about 2.5 uses in the box unless your nails are really wide or long. the pack also comes with a nail file, cuticle pushing stick, and easy-to-follow directions.

 (one strip)

the entire process took me about 20 mins, which was way shorter than i was expecting.

all in all, i give this product a A+ and would definitely buy it again, but would only buy one of the patterns because i figure  i can paint my nails a normal color good enough myself!

the jury is still out on how long they will last, but i will keep you posted!

ps- i painted a clear top coat on them in hopes that they will stay longer

a TAD bit tacky but OMG i love them.

xoxo, e

Monday, August 15, 2011

i got a feather!

 (not me)

i had been wanting a hair feather for awhile- since about march. annddd i didnt take the plunge. so, after a few drinks, on the venice boardwalk, i took the plunge.

however, i had it put underneath, and it's kinda short, and kinda sad looking. i think i need more. my lone feather needs some friends, if you will.

(me being prepped for surgery).

can you see little feather peeking out??....barely ;(

i might need to make a littler trip back to venice to get some more....who wants one???

xoxo, e

Friday, August 12, 2011

happy friday!!!

yay! it's friday!!
so excited for the weekend!
lately, i have been obsessing over pinterest.
i could spent hours, no, probably days, looking at all the pretty pictures on the site.
my favorite catagories are weddings and interiors (duh).
and omg- dont you LOVE these shoes (from pinterest)?

happy friday!

xoxo, e

Thursday, August 11, 2011


there is no product review today, because there will be a ton more to come because yesterday i signed up for birchbox. and OMG i cannot tell you how excited i am.

for $10 a month (with free shipping), you get a really cute box filled with 4-5 decent sized samples of luxury beauty products.

i kind of went back and forth about whether or not to buy it, but then i looked at the reviews on their facebook page and saw that shipping was free, so i went for it. (and you can cancel at any time).

check it out. i am soooooo excited for my products to come, since you know how much i love my products!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i have ADD....

....nail polish changing ADD that is.

i get soooo bored with nail polish!

lately, i have been really into glitter. and red. and turquoise and caicos.

ahh i just keep changing it. here are a few i have been wearing lately, although currently, mine is all picked off. =(

(nails with clear and glitter glue! yes, glitter glue!)

(rimmel's steel grey with glitter on one finger)

any recent faves?

Monday, August 8, 2011

bows bows bows

you know my love of bows. i want them on everything- shoes, shirts, wedding dresses (yes, im a little ahead of myself), but you get the idea.
i had been lusting over these for a about 2 years now. and yes, $275 for plastic flip flops is ridiculous, but they are sooooo cute!

well, my mother being the fab shopper that she is, found them for me! they look exactly the same and were less than $10! the "brand" is dollhouse and they look so similar it is ridiculous! i cannot seem to find them online besides ebay, but you can get the gist from the pic bellow. LOVE!

xoxo, e

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i am back!

my thesis is done and turned in and i am back to blogging!
no more classes, no more papers to do on sundays, DONE DONE DONE!
i even started...wait for it....wait for it....reading!!!!!

so far, this summer, i have read- the help!(cant wait to see the movie!)

sarah's key, which is OHMYGOSH, so good. the movie is out. who wants to see it with me?? not the most uplifting movie (holocaust theme), but SO GOOD. one of the best books i have read in a long time.

i discovered a new favorite author- jonathon tropper and read 2 (THIS IS CRAZY TALK FOR ME) of his books. this is where i leave you and the book of joe.

both books were great, but this is where i leave you was so good. i could not put it down!!! love love love!

i am about to either read one day, which is also out soon as a movie, or the paris wife, any suggestions??

so happy to be back!

xoxo, e