Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday product review: sally hansen nail strips

i decided to take a crack at  the sally hansen salon effects nails strips and because i can paint my nails any color i want, i decided to go with "kitty," the lovely leopard print option.

 (the scene of the crime)

a friend of mine had used them a few months ago and told me they were hard to use, so compared to her experience, i thought it was really easy!!!

the pack comes with 16 nail sticker thingees, but there are probably about 2.5 uses in the box unless your nails are really wide or long. the pack also comes with a nail file, cuticle pushing stick, and easy-to-follow directions.

 (one strip)

the entire process took me about 20 mins, which was way shorter than i was expecting.

all in all, i give this product a A+ and would definitely buy it again, but would only buy one of the patterns because i figure  i can paint my nails a normal color good enough myself!

the jury is still out on how long they will last, but i will keep you posted!

ps- i painted a clear top coat on them in hopes that they will stay longer

a TAD bit tacky but OMG i love them.

xoxo, e

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