Thursday, September 15, 2011

thursday product review: lancome teint idole ultra

i cant believe i havent reviewed this product yet, as i have used it every day for the past few years.

it is seriously the best foundation i have used, because it took me a really long time to find a foundation that gave me the coverage that i wanted, but also didnt look too thick.

it is a tad pricey- but it lasts at least 6 months, so i think it is pretty worth it.

so, i use the lancome product everyday, and the cover girl product when i am looking to touch up my make up easily in the car!

xoxo, e

Thursday, September 8, 2011

thursday product review: cover girl aqua smooth foundation

sorry that my posts have been sporadic lately- i have been a little uninspired/busy.

however, i cant believe i havent reviewed my fave on-the-go foundation.
whenever i used to need to bring makeup to touch up, i would bring my whole lacome foundation bottle, which i actually have never reviewed (next week!), but my friend brittany introduced me to this instead.
(for some reason, the picture, and amazon link is not working).

it is in a compact case, so easy to put on, throw in my purse and touch up!!
i think i wear the white-est color (classic ivory), although there is a wide range of colors!
it is the perfect touch up makeup- and for $6, you really cant go wrong.

xoxo, e