Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the blog is back!

after a brief hiatus, i am back!

i moved, got a new job, new living situation, new city, new new new.
i am happier than ever and just really needed a break for a little due to all the new-ness.
as a result of my various new situations i have definitely been a little more crafty!

i have had to consolodate my stuff (apparently that happens when you live with a guy), so had to figure out how to keep my makeup together without it taking over the apt.
a few months ago, i saw a great idea for keeping makeup brushes together, and easily accessible.

i just took coffee beans (you could use beads too), filled a small cup, and placed my brushes in. they stand up, are easily found, and the brush handles smell like coffee! mmm


xoxo, e


Esther Brandon said...

thanks, erica! i have been struggling with this for ever ... going to get to the mess right now. who knows what lost mascaras i might find.

K said...

That is great!!! it is so nice when everything changes for the better!! some times all you need is a change!!! normally when i feel gloomy i normally change my bedding, wash my room, and clean my closset so i can wake up to a new and fresh day with more currange and umph!! :)

love K