Tuesday, February 21, 2012

home tour!

since i moved, a lot of my friends have been asking to see pics! so here they are! not pictured: the amazing view from my 
bathroom/guest room/kitchen/laundry room/living room. who's visiting next?

 (2nd bedroom desk/vanity/etc)
 (entry way)
 (thing we built so i have a place for my stuff)
(love LA)
 (living room...modern fam on the tv, obvs)
 (couch and coffee table)
 (bed- who loves my bedding???)
 (mezuzah fit for SF)
(more location art)
(dresser, vanity)

xoxo, e

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where is that location art from (the one in the living room that says LA, as well as the two hung on the wall). Love them! and love LA :)

-Lucia from USC CMGT