Thursday, February 23, 2012

thursday product review: maybelline fit me foundation

i used to use $50- a- bottle lancome foundation, which i really did like, and it lasted at least 6 months, so i felt like it was a good investment. however, a friend of mine urged me to try the maybelline fit makeup line. i guess it is supposed to really match your skin tone.

i tried #110, which is the second lightest i think. i do like it, but im not a true convert yet. it is pretty cheap, but i am not sure they have a color that is really correct for me.

i have been using it for awhile, so it's not BAD, but sometimes i feel as though it is a little too white. it has SPF 18, which i like, but sometimes i feel as though my face is a little greasy? i think i might like more of a matte look. so i think i am still on the lookout for a better product- any ideas??

pic from the maybelline site

xoxo, e

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