Monday, March 19, 2012

what's for dinner: stuffed portobello mushrooms

after a huge lunch yesterday, at fresh choice in suburbia (seriously, and so good- hadn't been in years) we wanted to still eat dinner, but wanted something quick and healthy. so i made this tasty and hearty recipe last night, just by using ingredients that we already had:

portobello mushrooms
cheese (any kind)
turkey sausage
bread crumbs
olive oil

my man is a tough critic but really liked it! said it didnt even need the added meat ;)

~finish product~
~sausage and bread crumb mixture~
~portobellos grilling~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

thursday product review: wet and wild nail polish

i never thought that i would buy anything wet and wild after junior high, but recently, i did and am so happy about it!!

i had wanted a new red, but dont wear it often, so after seeing that essie was still $8 (even at wallgreens), i decided to look at the colors wet and wild was offering!!

this color is .99 cents!! i mean, you really cannot go wrong.
they also have a more expensive line which is $1.99.
that was too much for me, so i decided on the .99 cent option and it is as good a nail polish as any opi or essie color i have used.

obviously, they have less of a selection, but for normal colors, at .99 cents (or even $1.99), wet and wild really cant be beat!!

i also went back and got more of a coral-y color called blazed, and i really like it as well!

~this color is red red~

xoxo, e

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BaubleBar love

love love love the bday present from my man!!!!

i may or may not have emailed him the link for this lovely necklace below, a few months ago, and a few months later it is mine! i could buy pretty much everything at baublebar, but really wanted this rose gold monogrammed necklace. and i love it!! couldn't be happier. warning, don't go on the website, it may be dangerous! (wink, wink)

xoxo, e

~the box containing my goods~

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

happy bday daddy!!!

dear dad,
you are pretty rad,
the best dad I have had,
this poem is ending because it's so bad, that it's almost sad.
happy 60th dad!!!
love you!!!
~lovely cake we got for him~

xoxo, e

Friday, March 9, 2012

new nightstands

Until recently, I had been living without a nightstand. Doesn't seem that bad, but it's really annoying to have to put your glasses, water, and phone on the floor next to your bed for three months! Why you ask?

Our bed is pretty big and the previous nightstands were too wide for the room, so I was a good girlfriend and let him have the side with the lone nightstand that fit. Finally, we found nightstands at Pier One, that were thin enough to fit two. Very exciting!

PS- both night stands were put together solely by ME! Oh! AND they were on sale. Happy weekend!

~room is almost done! (lamps from TJ Maxx)~

xoxo, e

Thursday, March 8, 2012

thursday product review: nars pro prime

i love this product!!!
i actually got it for free when i bought nars foundation (which i love too)- review coming soon.
the primer is weightless, smells clean and refreshing, and really smoothes my face well before i put on foundation.
in general, i like primers a lot, feel like they do a lot of good, and i think that i will actually buy this product when the samples runs out!

xoxo, e

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wet cement

while working from home on friday morning, i was interrupted by the sound of drilling outside my front door. extremely annoyed, i peeked out and saw that men were outside drilling for some reason---- right outside my door. ugh.

a few hours later, i looked to see what they were doing, and they were filling the area with cement! the wheels started turning and i started to think of different things that i could write in the wet cement to "leave my mark." i didnt want to use my name, since it is technically public property, but wanted something cute, unique, and a way to make the area "ours."

i wanted to wait for the cement to dry enough so that i could write something that would stay, but not too dry, so i waited a few hours and went to work. my work of art is below, but sadly a few hours later someone came and had covered it up! so sad!!!

now all i have is this picture, which is a framer, for sure!

xoxo, e

Friday, March 2, 2012

friday frugal find- macy's

i got this necklace on major sale at macy's last weekened. i love it! i was never into big chunky neclaces, but like them on everyone else, so decided to go for it! granted, it's a little heavy to wear for hours (ie. at work all day), but its great to jazz up your basic black, which i wear a lot!

until i moved to sf, i kind of HATED macy's. but the macys up here are super nice and big (i think they are based here), so its still not my favorite store, but i will go in from time to time. happy weekend/ birthday weekend for me!

ps- they have a ton on sale at macy's, so go check it out!!

xoxo, e

Thursday, March 1, 2012

thursday product review: borghese mask

this mask is great! i got is as a part of a birchbox, which i am not longer a member of, but i still got some really good stuff from the service! it really makes my skin tingle and feels like its working! my face is smoother, cleaner, and my poors seem smaller. i will be so sad when it run out! not sure where you can get it in store, but it seems pretty easy to buy online. happy cleansing!

-the lovely product-
-posing for the camera-