Thursday, March 15, 2012

thursday product review: wet and wild nail polish

i never thought that i would buy anything wet and wild after junior high, but recently, i did and am so happy about it!!

i had wanted a new red, but dont wear it often, so after seeing that essie was still $8 (even at wallgreens), i decided to look at the colors wet and wild was offering!!

this color is .99 cents!! i mean, you really cannot go wrong.
they also have a more expensive line which is $1.99.
that was too much for me, so i decided on the .99 cent option and it is as good a nail polish as any opi or essie color i have used.

obviously, they have less of a selection, but for normal colors, at .99 cents (or even $1.99), wet and wild really cant be beat!!

i also went back and got more of a coral-y color called blazed, and i really like it as well!

~this color is red red~

xoxo, e

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