Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wet cement

while working from home on friday morning, i was interrupted by the sound of drilling outside my front door. extremely annoyed, i peeked out and saw that men were outside drilling for some reason---- right outside my door. ugh.

a few hours later, i looked to see what they were doing, and they were filling the area with cement! the wheels started turning and i started to think of different things that i could write in the wet cement to "leave my mark." i didnt want to use my name, since it is technically public property, but wanted something cute, unique, and a way to make the area "ours."

i wanted to wait for the cement to dry enough so that i could write something that would stay, but not too dry, so i waited a few hours and went to work. my work of art is below, but sadly a few hours later someone came and had covered it up! so sad!!!

now all i have is this picture, which is a framer, for sure!

xoxo, e

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