Thursday, August 30, 2012

thursday product review: sensationail

~finished product~

i havent posted in oh, about 6 months, because i felt a little uninspired and unoriginal.
however, i tried a product yesterday that i really cannot NOT post about.
it's the best thing EVER!

it's called sensationail and it's an at-home gel manicure.

if you have ever gotten a gel manicure, it is basically exactly the same, but at home.

the kit costs $50- $60 and includes everything you need including the LED lamp and one color (each additional color is about $10).

basically, you wipe your nails off with their solution, do one layer of base coat, 2 of the gel color, one of the top coat, and then wipe them off with the solution provided. more in- depth directions are in the kit, but  it is VERY easy! oh, and the second you are done, your nails are COMPLETELY dry!

as far as i can see, the kits are sold at walmart and CVS, but i assume other stores will get on board!

also, I THINK you can use your own color and then just use their gel top coat and LED lamp, but i am not entirely sure! (want to try it)!!

it's been 2 days and my nails are still perfect! my hope is that they at least last through the weekend, but supposedly they should last up to 2 weeks!!

updates to follow- let me know what you think!!

~wonder kit~
~LED lap~
~cleanser, color, primer~base/top coat~
xoxo, e

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